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About Us is the racers choice for lightly used autocross, track or race tires, and rims.  We buy our inventory from high dollar pro teams that don’t try to get every lap out of a tire allowing budget racers like you and I to get on the track at an affordable price.

My name is JP. Some of you have you have connected with me on various car forums as user name “JPJP” or at a track in the Midwest.

I’m a budget racer who likes to do High Performance Driver Education (HPDE or DE) events to test my cars limits in a safe environment.  As we all know, these events are not cheap. The cost of brakes, tires, oils, more tires, suspension, registration, tires, and hotel can add up throughout the season.  With that said, I have searched for a way to get on the track in a more affordable way. My most expensive consumable has always been tires. Paying $1,500 or more for a set is hard to take so I connected with some high dollar pro teams across the country who allowed me access to their used tire inventory.

These tires are typically used for qualifying and practice so basically they are just scrubbed in.

Tires come with ¾ tread or better and have 1-6 heat cycles on them.

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